How Universal Document Converter Works

Using Universal Document Converter makes it easy and convenient to convert any file to PDF or a graphic format. Universal Document Converter is a virtual printer, so converting files is just as simple as printing them.

Universal Document Converter is the perfect tool for a wide selection of tasks, such as sharing electronic documents in a protected format, publishing information to a website, adding information to a presentation, and preparing files for professional printing. Universal Document Converter saves users time and money with its extensive selection of functions and its ease of use.

Works Faster

Click Print. The virtual printing technology of Universal Document Converter makes the conversion process both universal and extremely simple. All it takes is a few clicks to create graphic files and PDFs from any application.

Express settings. The program comes with a profile library that includes settings for the most common types of conversion.

Express conversion. Universal Document Converter's algorithms have been optimized to go light on system resources. That means it doesn't take a powerful computer to quickly convert even the largest files.

Works Better

Create multipage files. Universal Document Converter can take any number of files in different formats and turn them into a single, multipage file or image.

Convert to 8 formats. Universal Document Converter converts files to PDF and 7 other popular graphic formats: TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PCX, DCX, GIF, BMP.

Flexible settings. Choose from very flexible, responsive target file settings before launching conversion. Universal Document Converter helps find the optimal balance between quality and file size.

Custom quantization algorithm. Universal Document Converter has a custom quantization algorithm for generating truly high-quality copies from source files.

Supports high resolution. Target files can have resolution of up to 2,400 DPI, which is ideal for demanding tasks like prepress.

Automatically crops margins. Universal Document Converter offers an auto-cropping feature. Margins can be white or any other color.

Environmentally friendly. With Universal Document Converter, convert any file to PDF format directly without printing a hard copy first. Saving paper means saving trees and the environment.

Works Well Together

Scalable. Universal Document Converter can be installed on all of your network's computers or as a server solution anyone at your organization can access. Use Universal Document Converter to create a conversion system that fits right into your existing IT system.

COM interface. Universal Document Converter's COM interface makes it easy to integrate the software into a corporate IT system.

Terminal solutions. Universal Document Converter can be accessed by remote computers using technologies like Microsoft Windows Terminal Services and Citrix.