About fCoder

fCoder was founded in 1998. The company's main focus is software for image processing and electronic document flow. Today fCoder has offices around the world. The company's head office is located in Alexandria, Virginia (U.S.).

fCoder develops innovative solutions for electronic document flow, batch processing of graphic files, and creative processing of digital images.

Electronic Document Flow

One of the main problems in electronic document flow is the large variety of file formats handled at any given businesses. Each file format has its good points and bad points and each is intended to solve a particular task. fCoder offers a solution to this problem with Universal Document Converter, first released in 2000.

Universal Document Converter is a software package that quickly and conveniently converts any type of source file to PDF format or other popular graphic formats. The software offers a wide array of functions to simplify such tasks as preparing files for archiving, distribution to partners, online publication, prepress and inclusion in presentations.

Universal Document Converter has proven to be a valuable tool for such companies as Siemens AG, Xerox Corporation, Lockheed Martin Corporation and Rolls-Royce Energy Systems.

fCoder products are used at these and other leading companies.

Batch processing of graphic files

fCoder developed ImageConverter Plus as an automated solution for converting large numbers of graphic files at the same time. ImageConverter Plus offers users a wide array of functions and an intuitive, convenient interface.

fCoder also offers to console utilities for batch processing of graphic files - 2JPEG and 2TIFF. These utilities can be integrated into corporate IT systems, including Subd.

Creative image processing

fCoder product line includes tools for creative processing of digital images. PhotoMix, originally released in 1999 as a package for creating collages, is now a fully functional solution for professional and amateur photographers alike.

PhotoMix is popular with tens of thousands of photographers around the world, who use the software to process their digital photographs. PhotoMix has received glowing reviews from a number of authoritative magazines: Chip, PC Answers, PC go!, DigitalPhoto Camera.